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Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood

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SKU: HAL-69110-carton
Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood

Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood


Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood 100/Carton

The Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood is an indispensable piece of medical equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry. Whether you are a surgeon, nurse, or any other healthcare professional, this protective hood offers a reliable barrier against fluids, potentially infectious materials, and contaminants during surgical procedures, helping to maintain a sterile environment.

Surgeons Protective Hood Intro

Wearing a surgeon's hood during medical procedures, particularly in operating rooms, has several benefits. These hoods are part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) that help maintain a sterile environment and protect both the surgical team and the patient.

An important primary function of a surgeon's hood is to prevent the spread of infectious agents. By covering the hair and, in some designs, the neck and upper part of the shoulders, the hood minimizes the risk of contaminating the surgical field with hair or skin particles, which can carry bacteria.

For the surgeon and the surgical team, the hood provides a barrier against blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious or hazardous materials that might splash or spray during a procedure. Plus it maintains the sterile field.

Wearing a surgical hood, along with other PPE like masks, gloves, and gowns, is part of the professional standards and protocols in operating rooms. It also reduces the exposure from sweat falling on glasses and masks.

Overstock Sale

Subject to Availability, 12 cases available.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable, high-quality material that ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Secure Fit: The adjustable design and comfortable fit make it easy to wear for extended periods without discomfort.
  • Barrier Protection: Provides an effective barrier against fluids and contaminants, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various medical settings, including operating rooms, clinics, and emergency departments.

Invest in the Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood for superior protection, comfort, and peace of mind in your medical practice.

Order yours today to ensure the safety of both medical professionals and patients during surgical procedures.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood
Material High-quality protective fabric
Size One size fits most
Color Blue
Carton Contents 100
Manufacturer id: 69110

Ensure the safety and well-being of your healthcare team and patients with the Halyard 69110 Surgeons Hood. Order now!


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