Electrosurgical Systems and Supplies

Our electrosurgical catalog covers electrosurgical systems, pencils, electrodes, sheaths, cables, footswitches and other supplies plus accessories from the leading manufacturers.   See our large selection of Bovie, Medtronic, Covidien, Valleylab and other manufacturers products in the following pages.

We carry electrosurgical supplies, pencils, cords, electrodes plus return or grounding pads, for Bovie, Covidien, Valleylab, Conmed, Medtronic and many other electrosurgical units

Bovie Medical started in the late 1970s as a manufacturer of disposable penlights for the medical industry. The success of this line prompted the development and manufacture of battery-operated, tubular products, with the same type of assembly manufacturing technologies. A new line of cauteries was also a success. Good design and manufacturing combined with smart marketing and excellent customer service moved the company forward. As Bovie Medical grew, requests from the industry drove our design and development teams to manufacture and distribute additional products. Bovie Medical now sets the standard for surgical center and hospital-based electrosurgical generators and accessories with a full range of state-of-the-art models.

Bovie's latest additions are the J-Plasma gas ionization for precision stable focused beams of plasma, as well as, Laparoscopic and the Resistick II coated line of electrodes.

Covidien Electrosurgical sells platforms built on the trusted Valleylab™ foundation. In 1998, Tyco Healthcare acquired Sherwood, Davis & Geck, a manufacturer and distributor of disposable medical products, and United States Surgical Corporation (U.S. Surgical), which provided suture and auto suture devices, along with energy-based devices, through its Valleylab brand.

Today Covidien offers a complete line of state-of-the-art electrosurgical hardware and accessories to meet the needs of the surgical team in hospital, surgery center and office-based procedures.

For electrosurgical units please see Medical Equipment sub category Electrosurgical units

This book cover the basics of electrosurgery.   Understanding Electrosurgery.pdf

A good example of the use of these supplies can be seen below in a demo produced by Bovie Medical. The model A940 is no longer made but the video shows the use of a large assortment of the supplies.

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