IV Poles and Accessories

Enhance Your Usability

You can enhance the usability of your IV pole with a variety of IV pole accessories. These versatile additions are designed to make your IV pole more adaptable to different patient needs and healthcare scenarios. Here's how IV pole accessories can optimize your medical equipment:

Height Adjustability: Most IV poles are height-adjustable, catering to patients of various heights. This flexibility ensures that IV treatments are comfortable and accessible for everyone.

Stability for Heavy-Duty Use: Heavy-duty IV poles feature a robust design with a larger base and sturdy pole construction. These attributes provide superior stability, especially when carrying multiple accessories or heavy equipment.

Material Matters: IV poles are typically made of chrome-plated steel or stainless steel, both of which may exhibit magnetic properties. However, it's essential to use MRI-certified poles in MRI rooms to prevent interference.

Weight Considerations: While most IV pole accessories individually add minimal weight, items like infusion pumps or monitors can contribute significantly. Ensure your IV pole can support the combined weight of all accessories for safe use.

Universal Clamps for Easy Mounting: Modern IV pole accessories no longer rely on individual mounting brackets. Instead, they utilize universal clamps, simplifying installation and allowing various accessories to slide into the clamp slot securely.

Diverse Accessories: IV pole accessories cater to a wide range of needs, including tubing guides, baskets for storing supplies, steering wheels for mobility, and oxygen tank holders. These accessories are built for durability, ensuring a long usable life.

Warranty Assurance: Many manufacturers offer a 90-day warranty for IV pole accessories, guaranteeing their quality and performance. Thoroughly inspect and test any accessory you purchase within this period to ensure satisfaction.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning IV pole accessories is straightforward – use a mild soap and water solution, then wipe dry to prevent soap residue or staining. For sterilization, consult the manufacturer's guidelines, especially when using bleach products.

IV Pole Accessories to Enhance your Pole Usability from clamps to baskets and steering wheels

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