Medical Lights

Surgical lights have come a long way since their early days

The early surgical lights were nothing more than bright lights that often failed during procedures.  As time moved on the idea of multiple lights took hold which offered more consistent light with less shadows and you always had a back up in the event one failed during a surgery.  

However today the latest LED OR lights offer extreme bulb life varied angles to reduce shadows and tuned color to best shown tissue separations.  Modern LED lights speak of 50,000 usable hours and reduced power demand making them very Green friendly.  All this at a small up price that gives a much lower lifetime cost.  

Additionally the mechanics of the arms and the sophisticated dimmer capabilities just makes these lights ever more popular.  Please browse and enjoy our surgical light selections.  If you have any questions email us at
A large selection of medical examination and surgical procedure lights ranging from halogen to LED.
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