Surgical Instruments and Supplies

Surgical Instruments and Supplies for the Physician Clinics Surgery Centers or Hospitals

From medical exam room basics and supplies to wound care supplies you can find it all here.
We supply the paper for the exam table plus the cotton balls, bandages, gauze and tongue depressors.  Additionally we sell disinfectants and exam gloves in all types an sizes.
We also cover IV and oxygen tubing plus a large assortment of medical suction pumps, tubing and filters.
Further we offer skin care ointments and long term wound care supplies.
Beyond this we supply cleaners, quality or verification testing supplies and a variety of surgery grade gloves plus surgical drapes.  Additionally we supply surgeons scrub soaps, gowns, and shoe or boot covers.
Finally we offer supplies needed for home medical applications.  Everything from banadges and gauze to skin care and personal needs.
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