Medical Resources

Biomed Central

Biomedical resources

Centers for Disease Control

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services dealing with documentation, prevention and control of disease

A very popular site focused on drugs, use, interactions etc

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

A site focused on drug regulation, medical devises including recalls and health related subjects

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Your place for all the emergency preparation information, earthquakes, floods etc

Franks Hospital Workshop

A great place for biomedical information on how things work, an excellent resource

Google Health News

A site focused on the latest in health news from Google


Find a doctor check his grades and write a review all here

Household Products Database

Find out what is in the products in your house, large database of products used around the house along with safety and health effects

Healthcare Employment Information

Large amount of healthcare employment information

Mayo Clinic
One of the most respected amd top medical sites in the Internet for health information

Medical News Today
The latest medical and health related news

Official U.S. government website dealing with Medicare health plans. drug coverage and costs

National Institutes on Aging
Research on and resources regarding aging

National Institutes of Health
Supports and conducts medical research

One of the most popular general health sites for medical news and advice

World Health Organization
Site dealing with health issues throughout the world

Yahoo Health
One of the most popular general health sites