Suction Pumps

We sell a large selection of suction pumps ranging from portable, battery operated, and table top models to larger mobile systems used in clinics, veterinary hospitals and hospitals.  Additionally we have suction cannisters and a large variety of Yankauers and suction tubes or cannulas used in surgical settings.

We offer the Allied Healthcare Schuco Portable Suction Pumps plus the extensive Gomco line of EMS to surgery center mobile suction pumps in a variety of configurations to meet the high demands of medical surgery needs.

Our portable units are AC for tabletops or AC battery powered for EMS applications and often found in clinics, physicians offices or in use by First Responders.  Our tabletop models are designed for long life, low maintenance and easy of cleaning.  They can be found in specialty use such as a dental offices, ENT services and home medical applications.

Our mobile aspirators or medical suction pumps are ideal for places that have limited wall suction.  They cover general purpose use plus specialty applications such as gastric drainage, thoracic drainage, surgery applications and uterine aspirators.  Further we sell the related suction tubing, filters and in many cases the suction pump biomedical replacement parts.

Our product line also includes mobile suction canister holders, stands and the associated tubing and suction bottles.

We also provide both portable and mobile suction pumps in international voltage based upon 220-240 VAC 50-60 Hz. 

We support the medical aspirator and suction pump use with a large selection of suction canisters in all types and sizes from disposable suction bottles to glass and poly bottles.  We supply these in sizes from 600ml to 2800ml along with an extensive line of medical suction pump accessories and supplies.
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