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EZ-Tranz Gold Patient Transfer Boards

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EZ-Tranz Gold Patient Transfer Boards

EZ-Tranz Gold Patient Transfer Boards


EZ-Tranz Gold Patient Transfer Boards


EZ-Tranz Gold Patient Transfer Boards

Gold Antimicrobial cover around a soft durable core makes this EZ-Tranz Board an elite transfer aid. Its conveyor-type action allows for smooth lateral transfer of patients, providing a more comfortable experience. By minimizing friction and pressure on the patient's skin, these boards help prevent skin shear and pressure ulcers, common concerns for immobile or bedridden patients.

Extremely lightweight and user-friendly, making it the top choice for medical professionals and patients alike. Additionally, the use of transfer boards helps reduce the risk of injury to both patients and healthcare providers. They are cost-effective and can lead to long-term savings by reducing the need for additional staff or equipment.

These boards are particularly useful for patients with limited mobility, including those with disabilities, the elderly, or individuals recovering from surgery. They facilitate transfers that might otherwise be challenging. Transfer boards also benefit patients with specific medical conditions, injuries, or post-operative recovery requirements, as they allow for smooth and minimal physical disturbance during transfers.

Key Features:

  • Size: 30 Long X 15 Inches wide. See drop down for optional 48 inch board ($30)
  • EZ – Easy to Use: Illustrated instructions make it user-friendly, and it can be conveniently stored on our wall rack for easy access.
  • SAFE: Safer for staff as there is no need to lift patients during transfers. MRI SAFE! It is extremely light to lift and position, reducing fatigue and injury to staff.
  • COMFORTABLE: Patients roll quietly and smoothly on the solid foam core, which is much more comfortable than metal rollers or plastic sliders.
  • CLEAN: Smooth Antimicrobial Plastic handles combined with an Ultra Fresh antimicrobial cover make this board an excellent choice in the fight against HAIs (Healthcare-Associated Infections). It can be easily cleaned with most antibacterial wipes found in healthcare facilities.
  • Factory id: MCM190

Patient Transfer Boards Information

Check before use for any visible damage cracking or breaks and do not use if any are seen.

Most newer style boards only require cleaning and disinfecting before use. Store in a clean dry space.

Replacement covers are available.


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