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Skintact T-60 Microporous Tape, Wet-Gel ECG Electrode

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SKU: T-60
UPC: 29005531580460
Short Description: Box of 1200, 30 per pouch, Microporous Tape, Wet-Gel, Satisfaction Guarantee
ExtraField 8: Manufacturer: Manufactured by Leonhard Lang GmbH and marketed globally through the SKINTACT brand. Leonhard Lang GmbH has a century long history of quality through cutting edge technology and user driven development.
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Skintact T-60 Microporous Tape, Wet-Gel ECG Electrode

Skintact T-60 Microporous Tape, Wet-Gel ECG Electrode


Skintact T-60 Microporous Tape, Wet-Gel ECG Electrode Box of 1200 30 per Pouch

  • Gel: aqua-set (Gel Electrode)
  • Connector: snap
  • Backing: microporous tape
  • Dimensions: 60 mm
  • Suggested Use: Holter
  • Shelf Life: 2 years, unopened
  • Packaging: 30 per pouch, 1200 per box
  • Latex Free medical EKG electrode
  • Diaphoretic & Hypoallergenic
  • Complies with AAMI Standards: EKG electrode
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (within 60 days from invoice date)


Manufactured using Leonhard Langs unique C-LINE technology which ensures that every medical electrode will be fresh providing you with exceptional consistency in quality of recordings at very affordable prices.  Skintact electrodes are made from environmentally friendly materials, they can be disposed of using standard waste disposal procedures unless your clinical protocol or local code requires special treatment. 


Skintact electrodes are designed and manufactured using only proven biocompatible materials that provide the quality you expect, yet are kind to the patient•s skin.  Performance and safety of all Skintact electrodes and other ECG products have been designed and stringently tested according to all applicable standards.  All Skintact ECG electrodes meet ANSI/AAMI EC12:2000 on disposable ECG electrodes, ISO 10993 on biocompatibility and the European Medical Device Directive.

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