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David Scott Blue Diamond Clamshell Heel Pad with Velcro

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SKU: BD2290
UPC: 15060797551637
Short Description: David Scott Blue Diamond Clamshell Heel Pad with Velcro BD2290
ExtraField 8: David Scott CompanyDavid Scott Company was incorporated in 1972 as a specialty medical device distribution company. We have established ourselves
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David Scott Blue Diamond Clamshell Heel Pad with Velcro

David Scott Blue Diamond Clamshell Heel Pad with Velcro


David Scott Blue Diamond Clamshell Heel Pad with Velcro .5" Thick Clamshell BD2290

Blue Diamond® Gel Pad is designed to cradle bony prominences. It is used in numerous ways from long term dermal care to post surgical recovery and even during procedures. In conjunction with BD2330 Candy Cane post pads it provides excellent lower extremity protection while the patients feet are cradled and their legs are pushing against metal poles. The clam shell design, along with Velcro securing strap, make this product a must for heels or elbows. (Note: If used on elbows consider BD2260 or BD2270 if arm is to be tucked or extended.) 

Having the proper padding, cradling and support is essential for any procedure. Our product line consists of a variety of Blue Diamond® gel pads which include gel pole pads for traditional Candy Cane Stirrups and gel boot pads for any Lift Assisted Stirrups. Utilizing foot cradles and heel lifts adds to patient comfort and circulation. 
Blue Diamond® dry viscoelastic polymer gel pads and positioners are designed to simulate human adipose tissue composition. This will greatly reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers caused by sheer friction. Independent studies have proven the superiority of gel as compared to foam and other conventional positioning and pressure reducing products. The only clinically proven gel composition in the medical marketplace is a dry viscoelastic polymer gel. Blue Diamond® gel is a dry viscoelastic polymer gel. THE PROBLEM: Pressure insults and injury. THE SOLUTION: Blue Diamond® Gel positioning aids THE FACTS: All Blue Diamond® Gel positioners are: 100% Latex-Free, X-Ray Translucent, Radiolucent, Antimicrobial All of our Blue Diamond® gel products contain no water (which will evaporate and change gel composition over time), they will not leak, ooze or evaporate and will leave no oily residue on your hands after use. Blue Diamond® products are manufactured to the highest standards. We back our complete line of gel products with a •customer-satisfied• 2 year guarantee.

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