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BR Surgical Arthroscope Autoclavable Diameter 4mm-175mm 45 Degrees

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SKU: BR932-4045-175
Short Description: Autoclavable Arthoscope 4mm-175mm 45 Degrees by BR Surgical - 45 Degree Autoclavable Arthroscope by BR Surgical
ExtraField 8: BR Surgical will be the market leader in providing surgical instruments and endoscopic equipment through their distributor
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BR Surgical Arthroscope Autoclavable Diameter 4mm-175mm 45 Degrees

BR Surgical Arthroscope Autoclavable Diameter 4mm-175mm 45 Degrees

BR Surgical guarantees a German engineered endoscope with premium image brightness and optical clarity that is designed and constructed for long lasting performance.  Their service team is dedicated to keeping you in business with fast, fair, cost effective service solutions.<•xml:namespace prefix = o />
 They can guarantee a brilliant high definition image because they control the construction of your endoscope from start to finish, from optical calculation to glass rod production. BR Endoscopes provide maximum protection against degrading influences of reprocessing.
  •  Fiber cone tapered = better light amplification
  •  High transmission wide angle illumination fibers = superior light transmission
  •  Hightrans Lantan lens optic train = superior image transmission
  •  Proximal & distal sapphire window = scratch resistance, no glass corrosion
  •  Phynox medical grade stainless steel tubing = stronger, more durable material
  •  No Coatings = eliminates chance of coatings coming off during reprocessing over time
  •  Laser welded joints = seals fiberoptic illumination bundles hermetically from the optical train, to avoid humidity and chemical penetration
  •  Laser welded joints = increase strength between scope body and sheath
  •  Hydrophilic gas filled optical train = anti fogging device
Endoscope Express Repair/Exchange Program:
  •  Exclusively designed for alternate care market
  • Repaired by original endoscope manufacturer
  • Repaired with original manufacturer parts traceability
  • Repaired by highly trained repair technicians
  • Minimal downtime = No interruptions of procedures
  • No hidden repair cost = No surprises for customer
  • Simple, Fast (48 Hours) = Trouble Free for Customer
  • Flat Rate Price for each Scope Exchange
For your peace of mind, we offer a repair or exchange program. When we receive your scope we investigate whether repair is possible or replacement is indicated for economical or safety reasons. You are contacted, a decision made and your endoscope is back on the way to you!

Limited Warranty:

BR Surgical, LLC instruments are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the instrument.  Any instrument found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at BR Surgical LLCs discretion. This guarantee is void if the instrument is not used for its intended surgical purpose or is serviced by anyone other than BR Surgical, LLC.

High quality construction and superior optics make this scope a long-lasting value.
Excellent customer service and support make it a smart purchase.



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